v4.0.1 3/16/2021

Switch from postcss-nested to postcss-nesting to respect CSS Nesting spec we supported with version 3 of the module.

v4.0.0 3/15/2021

Tailwind 2 with PostCSS 8

PostCSS 8 is now possible thanks to @nuxt/postcss8! No more compatibility build to use the latest version of Tailwind now ✨

Make sure to read the installation steps.

Tailwind Just-In-Time

You may have heard about the Just-In-Time compilation mode of TailwindCSS, this version supports it, simply set the jit option in your nuxt.config.js:

export default {
  buildModules: ['@nuxtjs/tailwindcss'],
  tailwindcss: {
    jit: true

With jit option, our build on came from 40s to 7s ⚡

v4.0.0-0 3/5/2021


v3.4.3 3/10/2021

Bug Fixes

  • Use nuxt resolver to import tailwind.config.js (#286) (62526cf) (resolves nuxt/nuxt.js#8971)

v3.4.2 12/22/2020

  • Upgrade to Tailwind Config Viewer v1.4.0 (#237) · c18498f

v3.4.1 12/18/2020

  • fix(middleware): use cjs syntax (#236) · f35b1cc

v3.4.0 12/17/2020


Integration with tailwind-config-viewer is live, see #232, thank you @rogden !

v3.3.4 12/11/2020

  • fix: addTemplate call compats low version nuxt (#225) · b18380d
  • chore(deps): update all non-major dependencies (#222) · 4641a90

v3.3.3 12/4/2020

Bug fixes

  • fix: Remove duplicated border-2 class from copy-box (#221) · c84c8be

v3.3.2 12/4/2020

Bug fixes

  • fix(lib): check listeners value before displaying url · 431eafc


  • docs: update tailwind v2 using yarn · 8ea24c6
  • chore(deps): update devdependency eslint-plugin-vue to ^7.2.0 (#219) · 87b3a6c

v3.3.1 12/3/2020

Bug Fixes

  • handle color as string and smarted light/dark detection (6058ea8)

v3.3.0 12/2/2020


v3.2.0 10/22/2020


v3.1.0 9/25/2020


  • purge: handle custom srcDir and support TS (#170) (bf3e0db)

v3.0.2 8/25/2020

Bug Fixes

  • handle HMR for tailwind config (8c26472), closes #157

v3.0.1 8/24/2020

v3.0.0 8/5/2020


  • build.postcss.plugins as Array is not supported anymore


We now have a documentation website:

  • The module will not create the tailwind files anymore but load them if they exist
  • @nuxtjs/tailwindcss now configures the purge option of TailwindCSS and let the user extend it easily to keep a minimal tailwind.config.js template
  • Nuxt modules can easily extend the user tailwind config (adding Typography plugin, settings colors, etc)
  • Updating the tailwind.config.js will actually do a full Nuxt server restart but will actually fix the plugins update issue

v2.1.1 7/29/2020

Upgrade Tailwindcss to v1.6.0

v2.1.0 7/20/2020

Misc ✨

  • Upgrade dependencies (TailwindCSS to v1.5.1).

If a new version of TailwindCSS goes out, you can always install it with npm install --save-dev tailwindcss, the module will use it directly.

Bug fixes 🐞

v2.0.0 4/30/2020

Version 2.0 is out, including TailwindCSS v1.4 ✨

This version is a breaking change since we actually removed nuxt-purgecss dependency, since Tailwind 1.4 has a purge option now!

If you are upgrading, take a look at the new tailwind.config.js:

// tailwind.config.js
module.exports = {
  /* ... your actual config */,
  purge: {
    // Learn more on
    enabled: process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production',
    content: [

v1.4.1 4/22/2020

  • Upgrade dependencies and use Tailwind v1.3.4

v1.4.0 3/11/2020


  • Add exposeConfig option to reference resolved config in javascript runtime (PR #69)

See demo and source code


  • Upgrade dependencies

v1.3.3 2/18/2020

  • Fix: don't purge base and components (#65 by @hecktarzuli)
  • Upgrade dependencies (#63)

v1.3.2 2/6/2020

  • Upgrade to Tailwind v1.2 (#60)
  • Fix override PurgeCSS "enabled" option (#59)

v1.3.1 1/15/2020

Fix a regression: PurgeCSS stopped working after upgrade to v.1.3.0

Related Issues: #52 and #54

v1.3.0 1/6/2020

  • Upgrade TailwindCSS to v1.1.4
  • Add purgeCSSInDev option to activate purgeCSS in development mode

v1.2.0 11/5/2019

  • Upgrade TailwindCSS to 1.1.3
  • Add support for deprecated build.postcss.plugins syntax (#36)

v1.1.2 8/8/2019

  • Upgrade to Tailwind v1.1.0
  • Remove log of postcss preset (fix #20)
  • Use nuxt.hook('build:before') to work when used as middleware (fix #23)

v1.1.0 6/12/2019


  • refactor: module and increase coverage (#5)

v0.1.1 6/11/2019

See changelog